4 Horses of Apocalypse


THE AIM:  Genisis is to evolve a High Revolution of the Mind~Let it be Light, Let it be Life.

This is a new paradigm shift into the New Era of Herstory.  It means, the end of medieval psychopathic ruling structure of the Old World Order that has dominated our human civilization for ages.

The 4 horses of Apocalypse has already begun:
  • Religion
  • Money
  • Government
  • The Human Original Sin
The struggle and changes to reconstruct our humanity’s future in the second age of enlightenment to help create  more high levels of consciousness to our fountain of youth, to unite conscious minds to work together and ignite the wisdom of higher intelligence.  It’s an immune booster like a seed of plutonium for the the collective minds, intentions for the good of all humankind and the future generations.
The priority is to break free from the slave control system and to “Declare Self-Sovereign”.
This is where the End of All Evilness begins.

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